Davida Rivens, Managing Director, Growth & Development, E4E Relief | Speaker

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Managing Director, Growth & Development
E4E Relief
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Davida Rivens, an avid DIYer, brings her creativity to the table when helping companies build solutions to support their employees. Davida spent nine years leading E4E Relief's customer experience and relationship management team before transitioning to the role of Managing Director, Growth & Development. Here, she continues to lean into her nonprofit background to help advance corporate philanthropy - and to leverage her creativity to ensure our clients and their employees have what they need to make it through even the most difficult times. 
From the ballroom dance team at UNC Chapel Hill to the board room of E4E Relief, Davida carries a confidence and wisdom that helps bring E4E Relief to the next level. Her deep understanding of product and product delivery allow her to identify trends and enhancement opportunities with ease. Davida continues to prioritize customer satisfaction and each market's needs to keep E4E Relief's programs best in class.