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Psychotherapist, Corporate Mental Wellness Consultant
Leah Marone, LCSW
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Leah Marone, LCSW, is a seasoned psychotherapist and corporate mental wellness consultant based in Charlotte, NC, boasting over 20 years of extensive experience. Having conducted over 20,000 therapy sessions and contributing articles to reputable publications such as Psychology Today, The Atlantic, and Newsweek, Leah is recognized for her expertise in mental health.

Leah's personal journey as a former anxiety-ridden Division 1 basketball player fuels her passion for working with high-achieving individuals, often described as type A go-getters. She specializes in addressing internal pressures, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and performance anxiety.

In her dual role as a mental wellness consultant and board member, Leah collaborates with both companies and nonprofits. Her areas of focus encompass anxiety and stress management, burnout prevention, boundary setting, mindfulness practices, effective communication, and emotional intelligence. Leah's holistic approach includes a thorough assessment of the company culture to tailor her services, meeting organizations where they are and addressing their specific needs.

Leah's innovative 5-step initiative not only underscores the significance of mental wellness organization-wide but also identifies areas for growth and connection. The initiative aims to prevent high turnover, address burnout, and enhance overall productivity.

As a co-facilitator for the "Mindful Momentum" female empowerment coaching group tailored for high-powered female professionals, Leah collaborates with a distinguished coach and professor from UCLA. Her expertise in boundary setting and resilience has made her a sought-after speaker for leadership groups. Leah addresses individuals navigating perpetual burnout, often fueled by relentless inner critics and the challenges of people-pleasing. Her insights provide a transformative guide for cultivating resilience and establishing healthy boundaries in demanding professional environments.

Beyond her professional commitments, Leah finds joy in traveling, hiking, exercising, and pursuing her upcoming book slated for publication early next year. Additionally, she actively contributes as a coach for her daughter's club soccer team, showcasing her dedication to both personal and community well-being.