Rajni Walia, Ph.D., Vice President, Executive Consultant Lead, DEKRA North America | Speaker

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Vice President, Executive Consultant Lead
DEKRA North America
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Rajni is a highly sought-after thought leader with over a decade of experience leading performance management, organizational assessment and development and providing human error-reduction consultations. Her methods foster strong performance reliability through a systemic approach to designing and enhancing workplaces and processes, all deeply embedded in applied neuroscience.

Rajni's clients benefit from her extensive experience in bringing about sustainable safety improvements through leadership development and operational reliability analyses, using applied and embedded knowledge of the brain. Her areas of expertise include extensive knowledge of neuroscience, fatigue risk management, high-reliability organizational strategies, business development, individual and organizational assessments, data analysis, and management of complex projects.

Before joining DEKRA, Rajni was a principal consultant for a major consultancy firm, where she served as an internal subject-matter expert and thought leader. Collaborating with executive and senior leaders from several multinational organizations, she focused on driving sustainable improvements and advancing process sustainability, with brain-centered solutions. She was instrumental in developing best practices for mental health awareness, employee well-being, workforce engagement, and change management. She also designed and delivered surveys and training programs to enhance client operations across all organizational levels within the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.