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Strategic HCM Thought Leader
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Neena is a HCM thought leader and consultant who creates value for business stakeholders via insightful analysis, cross-functional partnerships, implementation of structured data-mining processes, and an unwavering focus on attracting, developing, and engaging talent. She is an optimistic and independent thought leader who, through public speaking, shares ideas on HR topics including leadership, strategy, HR technologies, company culture, and diversity and inclusion. Her work has been published in public-sector platforms such as IPMA-HR, Route Fifty, PSHRA, WorldatWork, SHRM.

A committed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advocate, Neena welcomes every different perspective and encourages open contribution practices. The combination of analytical and behavioral skills Neena masters has been the driving force behind culture change and employee engagement during her leadership in the public sector.  She has spent over 15 years in the Consulting Industry implementing data driven solutions, mobile applications and software that enabled her clients not only to attain project objectives, but to create value in midst of a changing technological Marketplace. 

Neena holds a BS and MS in Computer Science. 

She has completed multiple Leadership training such as Agile Leadership, Franklin Covey Advanced Leadership Training and holds many HR certifications.