Empathy as a Recruitment Superpower: The Key to Perfecting Candidate Personas | Sessions

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Empathy as a Recruitment Superpower: The Key to Perfecting Candidate Personas
Monday 06/24/2024 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM   Add to calendar

Competencies: Business (Behavioral), People (Technical) | Intended Audience: Mid-Level
Workplace Application:
This presentation empowers recruiters and HR professionals to leverage empathy to create nuanced candidate personas, leading to more effective hiring decisions and better organizational fit. 

During the session, you will explore the remarkable impact of empathy in the recruitment process. We will delve into the art of truly understanding and connecting with candidates on a deep and meaningful level. By cultivating empathy, you'll gain a unique insight into their motivations, aspirations, and potential fit within your organization.  This session will guide you in harnessing the power of empathy to create meticulously crafted candidate personas. These personas serve as invaluable tools for making informed and successful hiring decisions. You'll learn how to go beyond surface-level data and uncover the human stories behind the resumes. By the end of this session, you'll be equipped with the skills to approach recruitment with a more empathetic lens, enabling you to build stronger connections with candidates and, in turn, select the best-fitting talent for your team.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the significance of empathy in the recruitment process and its impact on candidate engagement and long-term success within the organization.
  • Learn how to effectively employ empathetic listening and questioning techniques to uncover candidate motivations, values, and cultural alignment.
  • Gain the skills to create comprehensive and human-centered candidate personas that go beyond traditional qualifications, enabling more informed hiring decisions.
  • Explore real-world examples and case studies showcasing the transformative effects of empathy on candidate interactions and the recruitment process.
  • Discover strategies for implementing an empathetic recruitment approach within your organization, fostering a more inclusive and harmonious workplace culture.
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Jodi Brandstetter , Founder & Lead Facilitator ,
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