Tina Strandell, Vice President, HR/Payroll Integration & Partnership Strategy | Speaker

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Vice President, HR/Payroll Integration & Partnership Strategy
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Tina Strandell, Vice President of Product Management, has been with Fidelity Investments for 5 years, establishing strong data integration and partnerships between HR/Payroll providers and Fidelity’s employer benefits offerings. Over the past decade, she has successfully led teams in both service and product, supporting HR/Payroll systems. 

With a diverse professional background spanning over 20 years, here her career journey began as a 4th grade teacher before transitioning to work for the United States Air Force. Today, Tina’s passion is to simplify processes, and specialize in finding innovative solutions to reduce client administrative burden when managing data between HR/Payroll systems and Fidelity products. Tina’s vision is to enhance employer and employee experiences by enabling real-time data sharing.