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Bucket Lister, iConnector & Pancake Enthusiast
Krafty Lab
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Hi, I’m Nini – Bucket Lister, iConnector & Pancake Enthusiast!

I love to talk (…a lot), adventuring around the world, and connecting people in a meaningful way.

After living my own adventurous Bucket List year (including touching hands with the Dalai Lama and hitchhiking Nicaragua in a toilet paper truck), I figured out two things.

All that is ever between who we are and who we want to be is (not rocket science but): Taking action.

The quality of our relationships defines the quality of our lives.

So I made my passion my purpose by inspiring others to do the same. That's why I am now living the coconut-slurping dream as a remote Bucket List coach & connection card game creator…while I’m still figuring out how to monetize my pancake passion.

I strongly believe that when people thrive, organizations thrive! That’s why my big vision is to help team members of remote work teams to feel more fulfilment from the inside to eventually perform better at their work - and every area of their lives. How? By creating a positive “Bucket List” corporate culture across borders & making connections stronger than Wi-Fi.

When I’m not creating other people’s Bucket Lists, you can find me ticking off my own...or catching waves on my surfboard at the Bali beaches.