Sean Passmore, Head of Enterprise Military & Veteran Initiatives, Wells Fargo & Company | Speaker

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Head of Enterprise Military & Veteran Initiatives
Wells Fargo & Company
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Sean oversees enterprise military and veteran initiatives at Wells Fargo, supporting the military community primarily with housing affordability, financial wellness, small business support, and career transition assistance
programs. He manages relationships with strategic military, non-profit and for-profit veteran serving organizations. Sean also oversees military talent sourcing strategies and marketing strategies focused on the military
segment. The Military Talent Strategic Sourcing team is comprised of military talent liaisons, strategists, consultants, and analysts, all 100% dedicated to attracting, recruiting, coaching, and advocating for veterans
seeking career opportunities at Wells Fargo.

Sean was previously the Military Hiring Advisor for USAA, where he led the corporate effort to recruit and hire veterans and military spouses, and represented USAA globally as a military hiring, transition, retention, and
talent programs subject matter expert.

Sean served 22 ½ years in the Army before retiring in 2014 as a senior Presidential Communications Officer in the White House Communications Agency, where he provided direct and personal support to the President of
the United States and led teams supporting Presidential events around the World. Sean earned his Master of Science degree in Project Management from The George Washington University.

Sean and his wife, Mary, live in San Antonio, TX