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Chief Human Resources Officer
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
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Kathleen Pearson is a strategic leader with a wealth of experience in managing large-scale organizational change initiatives and developing talent strategy. As the Chief Human Resources Officer for Pillsbury,  a global law firm with locations across North America, Asia, and London, Kathleen is responsible for developing and executing the HR strategy to align with the firm’s overall growth direction. Kathleen's expertise in employee relations, change management, and organizational development have made her a valuable member of the firm's executive committee. With a Master's in Law Firm Management and Strategy, Kathleen is committed to excellence in HR, and her accomplishments include implementing cost-effective measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, establishing employee engagement and wellbeing programs, and developing policies and training initiatives that minimize risk and prevent problematic behaviors.

 In addition to Kathleen's career accomplishments, she is also deeply committed to social justice and supporting marginalized communities. She has been a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion for many years, serving on the leadership council of Lambda Legal, a national organization committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of LGBTQ+ people and everyone living with HIV, and as a board member of TransFamily Support Services, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting transgender and gender non-conforming individuals and their families.

 Through her involvement with these organizations, Kathleen has contributed significantly to advancing LGBTQ+ rights and visibility, working to ensure that these communities receive the respect, dignity, and legal protections that they deserve. She is deeply committed to promoting equity and inclusion in all aspects of her work and personal life and has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to these efforts.