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Author of Bestselling Book & Founder
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Sam Kabert is a successful serial entrepreneur turned spiritual seeker and keynote speaker. He is known for his ability to put together teams to execute the vision. He is the Author of the #1 Bestselling book SOUL/Life Balance, Founder of SwagWorx & Clone Yourself University, and hosts the Soul Seekr Podcast. Despite all of Sam’s ventures and business success and being recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s “40 Under 40” at just age 31 years old and “Rising Star” in the promotional products industry, he soon recognized that something was missing. Sam realized that despite his success, he was unhappy. This understanding catapulted him on his most recent exploration of his life’s purpose. 

He is on a mission to bridge the gap between the way we conduct ourselves in business, mindful practices, how we communicate with everyone, especially oneself, all through prioritizing psychological safety and mental health first.