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Andréa Backman is dedicated to helping students achieve meaningful employment opportunities and economic mobility through education. At Strategic Education, Inc., she chairs the Office of Employability, focused on bridging the gap between graduates and employers, and ensuring that students achieve a positive return on their educational investments. 

Andréa also serves as President of Strayer University, where she sets the vision for an innovative, impactful education that equips students with the skills needed to compete in a global economy. In this role, she is focused on educational access, holistic support and lasting employability gains for students and alumni. 

As one of the first in her family to earn a college education, and as a single mother to two boys, Andréa understands that the complexities of balancing career, school and family requires hard work and dedication. 

As a leader, Andréa is guided by her previous role as Dean of the Jack Welch Management Institute, where she was mentored by Jack Welch himself—an experience that significantly shaped her views on the role of education and mentorship for others. 

Andréa holds a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.