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Knowing the way is easy. Learning it is much more difficult. Author, speaker and company director, Ian Gibbs helps people learn the skills they need to reach their full potential. He does this by applying what we’ve discovered in the last 20 years about how we really learning and put it into practice.

Also known as The Learnability Man, Ian was originally born and raised in Sheffield, U.K.. But for the last 30 years he’s been living in Barcelona, Spain where he gives talks and workshops on Learnability which covers areas from applied psychology, neuroscience and memory techniques.

He’s the author of 5 books including ‘The Sorites Principle’ and '4 by 4 Learning’ as well as the weekly podcast, ‘The LEARNABILITY Show’.

Ian is the president of the Professional Speakers Association of Spain, a TEDx speaker and a communications trainer in the prestigious IESE Business School. He also coaches students of all ages to achieve their full potential in their studies and exams.

When he’s not doing any of the above, he runs his company IPA Productions, currently the top educational theatre company in Europe performing about 1000 shows per year to schools around Spain.