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Nicole Butts is an accomplished Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) executive, strategist, coach, facilitator, and public speaker who specializes in transforming executives into inclusive and equitable organizational leaders. As a facilitator of learning and challenging cultural dialogues, Nicole creates welcoming and safe spaces for people to engage, explore, and grow. Each person is at a different point in their personal and professional DEI journeys and Nicole meets them where they are. She makes difficult conversations easy and facilitates growth dialogue.

During her 20-year career, she has built multiple inaugural DEI offices and coached, trained, and counseled senior leadership on diversity, equity, and inclusion matters. She has served as a chief diversity officer; a director of employee diversity, inclusion, and climate; director of equal employment; and an executive consultant. Nicole is the founder of NLYB Solutions, a DEI consulting firm helping executives, executive teams, and organizations courageously and effectively navigate personal, professional, and organizational DEI journeys. NLYB Solutions was recognized as a Top Ten Emerging Diversity & Inclusion Companies of 2021 by HR Tech Outlook magazine.

Nicole is the creator of SHIFT, a transformational five-step framework for creating systemic, effective, measurable and sustainable DEI cultural change and organizational outcomes.