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Teams That Thrive: Creating a Culture of Collaboration
Tuesday 06/25/2024 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM   Add to calendar

Competencies: Interpersonal (Behavioral), Organization (Technical) | Intended Audience: Senior-Level
Workplace Application:
This enriching session will equip you with the skills to foster and lead a culture of collaboration within your organization and elevate your HR impact keeping productivity and culture paramount. 

A culture of collaboration is the cornerstone of a high-performing and innovative workforce. Successful collaboration in the new world of work requires more upfront effort but drives even greater alignment and purpose when executed properly. This session shares key strategies and practical approaches to cultivate an environment of aligned purpose, cohesion, trust, and dialogue among hybrid and dispersed teams.

Learning Objectives:

  • The power of synergy: Understand the transformative impact of collaboration on employee engagement, productivity, and organizational outcomes.
  • Building trust and Psychological Safety: Learn how to foster an atmosphere of trust, where employees feel safe to express ideas, take risks, and contribute their unique strengths.
  • Effective communication for collective success: Develop communication strategies that promote transparency, active listening, and the exchange of ideas across teams and departments.
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Jennifer Lee, Director of Learning and Development,
JB Training Solutions