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Behind the Scenes with Sherri Shepherd: LAUGHTER AND LEADERSHIP
Wednesday 06/26/2024 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM   Add to calendar

Join us as the incredibly dynamic, poignant, and funny Sherri Shepherd shares her inspiring experiences as a woman of color in the entertainment industry, from her roots as a stand-up comedian to her flourishing career as a beloved actor and talk show host.

Sherri's extensive film and TV credits have come with valuable revelations. Her journey offers profound insights into the challenges of personal branding and reinvention. You’ll gain indispensable wisdom as she shares her candid reflections on building cultural competence and honing effective communication among diverse audiences.

Sherri will fearlessly address the pressing issues of diversity, pay equity, and inclusion in the entertainment workplace, igniting thought-provoking conversations that resonate deeply with the HR community. She will impart her secrets to effective leadership, confidence, team building, delving into the lighter side of organizational culture using the power of humor to foster camaraderie. 

This session is sure to be a transformative experience. Through her compelling stories of resilience and triumph over three decades as a celebrity, Sherri will inspire you to overcome adversity, leaving you motivated and empowered to seize every opportunity that comes your way. Don't miss this extraordinary session with Sherri Shepherd—a celebration of strength, leadership, and the limitless potential within us all. 

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Sherri Shepherd, Daytime Emmy Award-winning Talk Show Host, Comedian, Actress, and Best-selling Author