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HR Department of One: Strategies for Success*
In-Person Saturday 06/22/2024 08:00 AM - 04:30 PM   Add to calendar
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Program OverviewHeading an HR Department of One (HR DOO) is a daunting task. Time is short; resources are limited; and constantly shifting priorities can be a major issue. In this 10-hour, hands-on learning program, you will join other HR DOOs to learn to analyze and enhance the HR practices in your organization. You will discover a three-step framework (Assess, Build, Map) to help you measure your current practices, build a set of realistic best practices, and map those practices to what is achievable in your organization. You will learn from an expert instructor during a series of topic-based conversations and activities focused on themes particularly relevant to HR DOOs.Program ObjectivesHow You Will Benefit:Use the framework of assess, build, map to create a realistic plan for analyzing and elevating HR in your organizationDefine talent acquisition strategies that attract more quality candidatesIdentify employee development, and employee and engagement strategies that impact employee retentionAssess your organizational culture and determine the role HR plays in maintaining and shaping cultureDetermine the balance between strategy and operations in your approach to HRDescribe communication strategies for building effective relationships with business leadersProgram Outline*Additional registration and fee are required.

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