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Traditional Meets Digital : Empowering Conventional Business with AI and Data Skills
In-Person Tuesday 06/13/2023 01:15 PM - 01:45 PM   Add to calendar
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In this session, you will learn how to develop digital talent by reskilling and upskilling the existing workforce, provided with real examples and demonstrations. 

Successful Digital Transformation hinges on digital talent. However, traditional legacy companies struggle to hire digital experts while facing a shortage of in-house talent. In this digital age, they must adapt or perish. How can they acquire digital talent to lead change and flourish? Since mySUNI Digital Tech. College's establishment in 2019, mySUNI has developed approaches tailored to legacy industries yet accommodating each company’s distinctive characteristics through three years of operational experience. Our new learning package is not solely focused on learning, but rather on securing talents with skills to generate new business opportunities. By going through the stages of Learning, and Experiencing, to Skill & Capability, we provide open and fair opportunities to enable all employees of SK Group* to apply their knowledge to work, solve problems through field experience, and gain recognition for the skills they have acquired. Hyun Yoon, Vice President of mySUNI, shares insights from the journey and aims for the future: growth of individuals that contributes to the company's overall development. * SK Group: the second-largest conglomerate in South Korea, with a market capitalization of 117 billion USD as of July 2022.

Attendees will walk away with: 

- Strategies for nurturing digital talent for traditional/legacy industries

- Examples of How to Link and Pursue Business Transformation with Employee Growth and Happiness

- Trial and Error in Re/Up-skilling: Discovering Effective Digital Talent Development Strategies Through Experience

- Step-by-Step Methodology and Detailed Explanation of Differentiated Programs for Acquiring New Digital Talent

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Hwalhoon Jang Photo
Hwalhoon Jang, Research Fellow,
Digital Tech. College, SK mySUNI
Hye In Jeon Photo
Hye In Jeon, Research Fellow,
Digital Tech. College, SK mySUNI
Sung Min  Jung Photo
Sung Min Jung, Research Fellow,
Digital Tech. College, SK mySUNI