The Five Things Your Employees Haven’t Told You (But You Wish They Had) | Sessions

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The Five Things Your Employees Haven’t Told You (But You Wish They Had)
In-Person Monday 06/12/2023 11:40 AM - 12:10 PM   Add to calendar
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Participants will learn 2-3 strategies of how listening directly to their employees have dramatically improved their overall workplace experience. 

When employers build workplace cultures and DEI programs based on guesswork, more often than not, different employee groups will excluded and their programs will fail. Employee Engagement Surveys and Focus Groups do not tell the full story or allow for an open dialogue and workplace culture decisions are not made based on the experiences of a 12-person focus group. Sure, it will give you data but and many employees don’t believe they are truly anonymous (so how honest are they actually being?). How can companies truly get the answers they are looking for from their employees? By listening differently. For over two years, Seramount has captured unparalleled insight into what employees need to thrive in their organization. By listening directly to them in an anonymous, psychologically safe setting, employees have been able to share their workplace experiences, struggles, successes, failures, and how they experience inclusion and exclusion. Our latest research will reveal what we have learned by listening directly to employees, across industries, and will distill the most important insights DEI and talent leaders need to succeed.

Attendees will walk away with:

- Why your engagement survey and focus group won’t get you the answers you need

- How to engage your employees in your workplace culture and DEI strategies though thoughtful listening

- Case studies that are designed to generate bold, practical ideas for your organization

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