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Employee Referrals: The Journey to 20,000+ hires
In-Person Monday 06/12/2023 12:50 PM - 01:20 PM   Add to calendar
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Talent acquisition, recruiting. 

Trinity Health set the bold goal of filling 50% of open roles with employee referrals. Matt Rimer, Director of Talent Acquisition at Trinity Health, will share with you how they gained executive support, built their ROI, and increased employee engagement. Using ERIN as their employee referral platform, Trinity Health has produced immediate results, driving more referrals than ever before and nearly eliminating administrative overhead. Matt will discuss their efforts to engage 120,000 employees to become active participants in talent acquisition and the hurdles that Trinity Health ran into along the way.

o Achieve buy-in for your referral initiative o Employee benefits: ideas for rewarding employees

o ROI: making a case for referrals in your organization o Increasing employee engagement and retention through referrals

o Automating referral tracking in order to foster an efficient process o How to measure the success of your program

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Matt Rimer Photo
Matt Rimer, Director of Talent Acquisition,
Trinity Health