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Asian Americans: “Smart, Hardworking⁠—and Lacking Leadership Skills?”
In-Person Wednesday 06/14/2023 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM   Add to calendar

Competencies: Business (Behavioral), Leadership (Behavioral), People (Technical), Workplace (Technical) | Intended Audience: Mid-Level, Senior-Level
Workplace Application:
Attendees will learn how to remove barriers for and gain the loyalty of America's fastest-growing minority group. 

As America's fastest growing racial or ethnic group, Asian Americans are moving up the corporate agenda, yet this population is full of paradoxes. They're America's best-educated group, yet their rate of promotion into leadership roles is less than that of whites, African Americans or Latinos. Asian Americans are recruited in large numbers, yet they feel less belonging than any other group. Among Asian Americans, it's the youngest ones – who tend to be American-born with native English skills – who suffer the LEAST belonging.

Learning Objectives:

•  The unique challenges facing your Asian American employees, and the brain science behind them.
•  How well-intentioned HR policy results in further exclusion and inequity for Asians
•  Evidence-backed strategies to activate inclusion and equity for your Asian American employees.

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Joy Chen, CEO,
Multicultural Leadership Institute