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Alone In A Crowded Office: Overcoming Toxic Behaviors That Foster Isolation
In-Person Tuesday 06/13/2023 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM   Add to calendar

Competencies: Business (Behavioral), Interpersonal (Behavioral), People (Technical) | Intended Audience: Mid-Level
Workplace Application:
Unaddressed minor safety violations heighten neurological isolation, but with the right tools, you can ensure everyone at work feels safe speaking up. 


Toxic acts have no place at work, yet too often, people experience harm. Violations at any level foster isolation and exhaustion and erode senses of belonging. Your people's unfiltered opinions and creative ideas are your greatest assets. How can you be sure they feel safe enough to speak up?   Embrace an empathy-driven framework to label rooted issues, identify tools encouraging team member buy-in, and reinforce organizational efforts that build more welcoming cultures for all. Participants will confidently advocate for their voices in a way that ensures that everyone feels empowered to speak up, no matter their role, tenure, or social capital.

Learning Objectives:

  • Diagnose why the type or severity of toxic behaviors are less critical than their neurological impact and how any level of harm can create isolation, derail creativity, and erode trust.
  • Implement a tailored framework to reflect on obstacles and trust gaps before outlining organizational practices, investments, and policies that prevent harm.
  • Transform how you authentically seek out, hear, and act upon your people's perspectives to determine solutions rooted in team member buy-in.
  • Adopt advocacy skills and cultivate a people-centered mindset to ensure you feel confident speaking up for your safety needs and the needs of others.

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Tim Mousseau, Principal,
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