The Evolving World of Work: A 360 View Into Your Most Valuable Asset, Your People. | Sessions

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The Evolving World of Work: A 360 View Into Your Most Valuable Asset, Your People.
In-Person and Virtual Monday 06/12/2023 11:40 AM - 12:10 PM   Add to calendar
Workplace Application:
1. Learn what a "work environment" means today and how we go about creating a positive one 2. Explore how to ensure your company remains "people-first" 3. Discover strategies that drive transformational changes to attract, support, and enhance engagement that drives productivity and operational efficiencies in 5 dimensions of HCM 

HR leaders are faced with new realities as the world of work and employee priorities continue to evolve. We are continuing to witness new adaptive ways of working, collaborating, communicating, and planning as the world is fundamentally changing. These new realities have elevated the importance of the human experience in the workplace and the role HR plays in preparing the organization and their people for the future. Technology also plays a critical role in these connections and provides insights that support organizations in their human experience journey. Join Teresa Smith as she explores 5 dimensions of human capital management to help you prepare your organization today and in the future. She will discuss why understanding what your people are thinking and feeling is imperative for driving transformational changes that significantly impact workplace culture, talent, job performance, and productivity. She will explore strategies on how HR professionals can take a 360 view into their most valuable asset, their people. She will discuss how to improve various parts of the employee’s lifecycle, and how to create a people first culture for a more engaged workforce.

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Teresa Smith, Director, Human Insights