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Leading the Way: How CHROs are Shaping the Future of Work
In-Person and Virtual Sunday 06/11/2023 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM   Add to calendar

Opening remarks with Starla Sampaco.

Qualtrics leadership will walk attendees through why tomorrow’s leaders must understand and commit to the essential values of their people. Building a destination workplace starts with knowing what drives the decision-making processes for candidates and employees. Around the world, employees are restructuring their relationships with work — from scrutinizing pay and benefits and reclaiming work-life boundaries to seeking out organizations actively demonstrating their values. 

For a long time, leaders have focused on a range of factors to optimize engagement and intent to stay, building on a solid foundation of organizational practices established in the past. But in the wake of the disruption of the past few years, some of these changes have become expectations and new norms, resulting in a drastic shift in how many perceive and carry out their work. In this session, attendees will learn how to lead forward, from managing people to managing opportunity.

Learn why workplaces prioritizing the employee experience by listening and acting on experience data yield nearly two and half times greater retention. However, data alone is not enough. With talent and career opportunities more mobile than ever, Role Fit, Flexibility, and Workload are the most important factors driving attraction AND retention for high-performing employees.


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Zig Serafin, Chief Executive Officer,
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