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If You Build It, They Will Stay: Increase Retention and Reap the Rewards
In-Person Tuesday 06/14/2022 02:30 PM - 02:50 PM   Add to calendar

Do your HR teams regularly reevaluate your company's benefits, compensation, perks, and policies to improve or maintain employee retention rates?

High employee turnover is detrimental to a company´s financial health. Offboarding, recruiting, and onboarding are time-consuming and costly processes — and having to repeatedly complete this cycle due to poor retention will inhibit profitability and long-term company success.

What are some of the most effective retention strategies your company can implement? Join us for an insightful session with Globalization Partners’ Sr. Manager, Global Benefits, Margaret Dondero, to learn more about how to build a successful, scalable retention plan and the benefits that follow.

Attendees of this live session will learn:

  • What employee retention means in today´s business world.
  • Key steps you can take to help improve employee retention.
  • Essential elements that go into a successful retention plan.

In-person session offerings are on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Margaret Dondero Photo
Margaret Dondero, Senior Manager of Global Benefits,
Globalization Partners