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Talent 2.0: Time to Update! It’s About Access, Not Acquisition
In-Person Tuesday 06/14/2022 07:30 AM - 08:30 AM   Add to calendar
Track: Strategic HR

Competencies: Business (Behavioral)
Workplace Application:
Attendees will learn what makes talent access revolutionary, its key value propositions and new ways to think about their overall talent strategy. 

We are at a key inflection point for talent and work. U.S. unemployment is at a 50-year low while quits are at a 20-year high, and the economy keeps adding more jobs. Workers have more options than they’ve ever had, and companies must recognize this fact. More than that, they must catch up with the technologies that enable winning staffing strategies. With more than two decades of executive experience leading global HR teams, Upwork’s VP of HR Client Strategy Tony Buffum shows us why and how HR leaders can break through archaic work models with new and innovative strategies. Tony opens the door to revolutionary thinking, where talent is accessed rather than acquired.

Learning Objectives:

  • Insight into the labor trends and macroeconomic dynamics that demonstrate the critical need for talent strategy changes.
  • Clarity about Talent Access and how it compares to traditional Talent Acquisition strategies.
  • Real-world examples of how companies have leveraged Talent Access to solve talent needs.
  • Ideas for how HR leaders can revolutionize their immediate and long term talent strategies.

In-person session offerings are on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Tony Buffum, VP of HR Client Strategy ,