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Managing Compliance for your Hybrid Workforce
In-Person Tuesday 06/14/2022 12:15 PM - 12:45 PM   Add to calendar

Employees got a taste of working wherever they want during the pandemic, and many want to keep it that way. However, this flexbility has been challenging for HR teams, especially when it comes to compliance-related tasks.

Ensuring proper employer compliance in today’s business environment requires continual monitoring of where your employees are working, understanding and implementing state-level requirements for new states in which you have employees working, while also applying the right technology tools and automation to enable employees to properly complete all necessary tasks. Not an easy task, even for the best HR organizations.


In this session, Gordon Middleton will explain employer compliance changes with today’s hybrid workforce, in addition to offering best practices for HR and Payroll teams to not only maintain their compliance requirements but also deliver a consistent employee experience for their hybrid workforce. 



Attendees of this session will learn:

  • Compliance Considerations for your Hybrid Workforce.  As the geographic footprint of your organization expands to new states, what are the implications for your HR team? From managing tax considerations to observing state-level compliance requirements, we will highlight the priorities for your HR teams.
  • Steps to keep you on the right compliance path.  What you can do today to improve the compliance efforts at your organization and avoid costly audits and penalties.
  • How to deliver a consistent employee experience.  With employees working remotely, it’s important that they have the proper tools and workflows to guide them to complete all necessary HR and compliance tasks.


Gordon Middleton Photo
Gordon Middleton, Senior Compliance Analyst, CIC Plus, a part of Experian,