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Dear Helga: You Won’t Believe What My Employee Did This Time
In-Person and Virtual Monday 06/13/2022 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM   Add to calendar

Competencies: Leadership (Behavioral), Workplace (Technical)
Workplace Application:
Attendees will learn how HR flexes and evolves to meet the challenges presented as workplaces increase in complexity and diversity 

We’ve all said it: “I would write a book, but who would believe these stories are true?” Unfortunately, many of the tales are far too real! Whether the situation involves the increasingly complicated issues arising out of increased attention (finally) being paid to mental health awareness, the mitigation of implicit bias in employment systems and others that continue to arise in this confusing and often-complicated HR world, the workplace has become far more complicated to manage. This fast-paced session focuses on uncommon HR issues and examines practical, business-focused solutions that you can use immediately to address those problems. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate the impact implicit bias can have on our employment systems.
  • Recognize the importance of mental health awareness in an increasingly complicated HR environment.
  • Discuss and examine the importance or staying abreast of ever-changing issues in our virtual and in-person workplaces.
  • Analyze how relevant employment laws are implicated in these often-tenuous employee relations and legal concerns.

In-person session offerings are on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Michael S. Cohen, J.D., Partner,
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